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Baroque Column of the Holy Trinity





 The Baroque column of the Holy Trinity positioned since 1962 in the space between the city tower and the Town Hall at the May Day Square was erected in 1697 and during the next 35 years it was gradually complemented. 

This monument which is incorrectly called the Plague Column consists of two parts – the column itself and so called pulpit. At the top of the sandstone masterpiece there is placed in Jesus Christ with the cross, on his right hand there is the Virgin Mary and on his left hand there is St. Anne. On the other side of the column there is Saint Joseph with a lily and a book. Above these statues there is blessing God Father and at the very top the Holy Trinity is closed by the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove. The column on which the Holy Family is positioned belongs to the Corinthian order. The column capitals are decorated with angels.

This column is erected on a pedestal with two inscriptions. On the front side are the names of donators Andrew Joseph and Catherine Theresa Wolf and on the opposite side there is placed the plea for protecting the city from famine, war and pestilence. Around this pedestal there are positioned four statues which decorate this nearly ten feet high dominant artwork weighing six-ton since 1719. The first statue on the right in canonical robe with the cap on the head and with the crucifix in the hand is St. John Nepomuk. Then there is St. Rosalia of Sicily with a skull and a crucifix, then St.. Catherine of Alexandria with a sword and a crown on her head and broken wheel behind her back and at the end the statue of St. John the Baptist in camel robe and a lamb at his feet. In the year 1725 the statues were extended by adding the stone pulpit with other statues of saints. On the right from the front of the column we can find the statue of an angel with a lantern and then counterclockwise the statues of seven saints. The first of them in clothing of a Roman officer who is extinguishing a fire is St. Florian, another statue is St. Theodore Tiro and in the right rear corner there is St. James Major as a pilgrim whose robe is decorated with scallops. He is followed by Linhart in a monkish frock and in the left rear corner there is the hermit St. Roch with his attributes - a wide hat, shells, dog at his feet and uncovered thigh with plague ulcers.

St. Viktor thanks to sculptor John Osvaldo from Černovice became the penultimate saint on the pulpit. The list of saints is closed by Saint Wenceslaus , the Czech patron, in knightly armour with an eagle on the shield and the last statue is the angel with a lantern. It is worth mentioning that spouses Wolf from whose foundation the sculpture was built, contributed to the festive processions in which every year on the day of Saint Anne (July 26) the pilgrims walked from the parish church to the Column of the Holy Trinity.


(BAŘINKA Michal, 07/2010)





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