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House No. 9





In the very centre of the urban heritage zone there is the late Gothic house No. 9 which belongs to the oldest burgher houses in Chomutov.


This two-storey row house with an arcade, also known as the Collin's house excels at the alveolar vault which erected Hans Schaffer, a builder of Cheb in the nineties of the 15th century on the arcades in the square and in the halls on ground floor of the house. The present building was built on the site of two early medieval buildings which had cellars, but only a part of them has been preserved under the original right house. The current building was built by Collin's family in 1450 when after the Hussite Wars both two original buildings were destroyed. This family also owned fairly vast lands (mainly vineyards), which was reflected in very expensive decoration.

In addition the house was granted the so-called right to brew beer and therefore it always served as an inn. The Collin's family owned the house until 1530 when it was bought by Daniel Reinhard and became its curator for the next 28 years. In 1558 the house became the property of Nicholas Wolf and 32 years later it returned to the possession of the founding family whose members owned it until their extinction. In 1556 the nobleman of Veitmile granted to the house No.9 the exclusive right to accommodate the members of a higher society thanks to which the building became a representative house of the city. According to the acquired right Daniel Reinhard, at that time the owner “had to provide the noblemen with eating, drinking, hay and oats for their horses and horse tractions, he had not to exceed prices for accommodation, but he had to require fees commensurate with their status and wealth." All fees had to be paid in advance and operation time of the inn was controlled by the town hall bell. But this house like most buildings in Chomutov on 24 July 1598 succumbed to a fire which was allegedly caused by the goldsmith's maid while cooking. After this tragedy the house was completely reconstructed and the owner of the building, a Catholic expelled from the city council in 1618 accommodated here the mercenaries of the professional army.

Later the house again became the property of the city and was rebuilt several times. The current Classical decoration is from the late 18th and early 19th century. The house underwent the last major reconstruction in the fifties of the 20th century when there was made a new arc lining of windows and doors on the ground floor. Inside the restaurant with a tradition of more than 500 years we can find not only the aforementioned alveolar vault, but also the late Gothic staircase with the portal leading to the cellar and beamed Renaissance ceilings on the first floor.

(BAŘINKA Michal, 07/2010)


Dům čp.9

Among the row houses with arcades in the square the house No. 9 excels the most at its alveolar vault from the nineties of the 15th century. The house was built in place of two medieval buildings around 1450 and in 1556 the house gained the exclusive right to accommodate the members of a higher society. The house since its inception served as an inn.


(BAŘINKA Michal, 07/2010)






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