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The exposition is located in a small room on the ground floor of the Town hall between the entrance to the Monkish backyard and a large hall with an exposition of Gothic art. It was officially opened in 1991 and its core is formed by the late Baroque interior of the pharmacy from Elizabethan Monastery in Kadaň.

The Elizabethan Monastery in the city was built between 1748 and 1753 by the Baroque architect J.K. Kosch. Its founder was the Countess Caroline von Schönkirch who owned the manor in Třebčice. Claims for the initiation of construction of the monastery were high. The countess had to pay in cash and she had to promise to purchase all material needed for furnishing the monastery only in the city. She also was obliged not to sell the medicines and impoverish the sawbones and healers in Kadaň. Originally the monastery was built for 5 nuns. It included a hospital equipped with six beds and the pharmacy which was fully in line with the hospital services as the main mission of the Elizabethan order. The Elizabethan hospital in Kadaň was steadily developing and in the first half of the 20th century its capacity increased to 80 up to 120 beds. The hospital was specialized in treatment of infectious pulmonary tuberculosis.

After the abolition of the pulmonary clinic in 1966 the late Baroque monastery pharmacy was transferred as a gift from the home of nuns to the museum in Chomutov. The pharmacy contained 672 items, but its equipment was extensively damaged and in the 80th of the 20th century it had to be expertly repaired in the museum's conservational workshop.

Almost all items of the exposition belong to the museum's collection Pharmacy and a few pieces are additionally registered and do not belong to the collection. The items from the Elizabethan Monastery in Kadaň form the basis and the major part of the exposition. Each item of this inventory is very interesting by its function, type, shape and material. From the wide repertoire we can mention only some of them, but the exposition is impressive in its entirety and each one subject is worth seeing. For example there are two yellowish brown wooden counters with extended cabinets and a number of small drawers carefully described by Latin signs of curative substances. Certain items contained in these shelf units and glass show cases desks also will attract our attention - for example 6 drug jars decorated with floral motives with already effaced Latin inscriptions and various bottles for oil or glass flasks.

Noteworthy are also 12 wooden light varnished pharmaceutical boxes for granules of tin, powdered gentian root, laxative tablets, caraway seeds, rye grain, mushroom extract from an Armenian herb, zinc granules, gum galbanum, dandelion root, Devil's dung and white pepper because all these products were used by the Elizabethan nuns in Kadaň. Very attractive is also a beautiful secession cash desk with metal casing and a sliding drawer. This cash desk was used in some of Chomutov pharmacies and thus falls outside the inventory of pharmacy of Elizabethan Monastery in Kadaň. Also the latest gain that was included in the collection in the year 2008 - an electromagnetic massage and inhalation device SANETA from the 19th century which is stored in a modern black case is also an attraction. The exposition includes a number of other noteworthy items (hanging apothecary balance, the apothecary balance on a brass rack, jars, weights, medicine bottles, ceramic mortars, pestles, spatulas, spoons, bowls for pills , an apparatus for the production of suppositories, powders divider, kettles, etc.), which describe the development of pharmacy in the Chomutov region from the 18th century to the present.

The exhibition can be browsed without any interpretation or with an interpretation by a guide who will provide you with information not only on the exposition, but also on the history of the building and the city of Chomutov. The individuals, families, groups and schools are welcomed. The expert commentary can be provided on request.

Mgr. Renáta Gubíková
(Regional museum in Chomutov)

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